Fashion has always been so important to me. It is the way I express myself – my clothes tell a story. What I wear matches my mood, my emotions, my aspirations, my inspirations, my environment. It changes like the weather – I absorb my surroundings.

Since I was little, I’ve been enchanted by the way that dress can communicate. It’s the first thing you notice about someone, and sometimes the last thing you remember when they walk away. I was taught never to leave the house disheveled, and as I grow older I embrace that, for you never know who you’re going to meet : your soulmate, or your archenemy – and when you do, you want to look your best.

I’ve always preferred vintage or found clothing to that of fast-fashion. Fast fashion has its place in the world, but I like clothes that have history, that tell a story, that have been well-loved and will be again.

Below are some of my favorite looks so far, enjoy.