As I get caught up in the hustle of the semester, sometimes I feel myself losing inspiration and creativity, which is essential for me to feel like my full self. It can be stifling to essentially be landlocked on campus, without a car, and without a schedule that allows me to venture to the city or the surrounding areas frequently. So I like to make the most of opportunities to explore, as often as they come.

My good friend Amanda and I are often on the same page when it comes to fashion, artistic vision, and most other creative pursuits. She is a great collaborator, and one of the only people that knows how to take a good photo these days 😉 Anyway, we had discussed meeting up for a mini-photoshoot, just a bit of fun, you know. But on the actual day we had set, it was in the 30s or 40s, intensely windy, and not the best weather to go frolick around ! I was this close to calling it off – a habit for which I can be unfortunately notorious. But I am so glad that I pushed through the cold and the impulse to curl up inside, because in the end it was so rewarding ! Fun to play dress up, satisfying to style a new look, entertaining to play model for the day, and just wholeheartedly gratifying to connect and collaborate with another creative mind !

It’s times like this that make me glad I stayed at University of Delaware. There were a few points in the start of my college career when I wasn’t sure it was the right fit for me. But now, as a senior looking back on the past four years, I am grateful for the opportunities it has afforded me, and that I have taken advantage of. I have been a part of several important organizations on campus, excelled in my work, and make connections for my future career. But most importantly – and probably what I will remember most – I have made long-lasting friendships and fostered relationships that are very close to my heart. Among my fellow students I have found a varied group of like-minded people and it has been such a wild ride navigating the seas of college together. I’m excited for the next stage of my life, but I’m savoring the last few pages of this chapter.

For this photoshoot, we went to Gibraltar, which is an abandoned mansion in Wilmington, Delaware. It originally belonged to Hugh Rodney Sharp and was named for its rocky outcrop overlooking the city, alluding to the Rock of Gibraltar. The mansion itself is closed off, but the gardens have been renovated and are open to the public. It was the perfect atmosphere for a nostalgic, autumnal, somewhat melancholy day ..

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