october 2018

As promised, here is the monthly moodboard and playlist !

I love October. It’s one of my favorite months; it’s a transitional period between summer and autumn, and while the sun shines bright during the day, come evening – you can smell the crispness in the air.

There’s so much transformation that happens in October as well. Already it seems that this year, we’re all having trouble saying goodbye to summer. The weather has been outrageously warm here (I’m not complaining) and I’m still finding myself struggling to get back into the autumn, academic mentality. I was just looking at photos I took from the summer and felt a wave of nostalgia for the effortless, easy lightheartedness of those long, hot days. But then as the month progresses, the air gets colder, the leaves change color and fall, and somehow I get my head screwed on straight and get back to the grindstone.

Each year it’s a moody period for me, and I usually take some time during the month to self-evaluate and reflect. Mirroring the tug-of-war feelings of warm vs cool, bright vs brooding : maroon.

oct maroon


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