not just eye candy

This past month, I was very proud to welcome my father to the university, but this time in a slightly different context. As a graphic designer for many years, he has amassed an extensive portfolio of work, and University of Delaware was gracious enough to host an exhibition showing just that.

The show, entitled Not Just Eye Candy, Design Work by Frank Baseman, was a huge success ! The official opening was earlier this month, and the show stayed up in the gallery until just this past weekend.

You can read more about it here – on the separate website Base Press for my father’s work with letterpress printing.

As my dad says, in no particular order – it was so rewarding to see the best of his work in one place, and to be able to share that experience not only with my own family, but also with my friends here. Much of this work I have seen come into existence, from start to finish, and can remember how proud I was / am when my father asks my input or advice on a piece. Some of it was done when I was very small, and that was also interesting to relive that time of my life, and to hear my dad talk about it and what the work meant to him. He’s a legend ! Je suis très fière de toi ! xx 


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