a creative foray

Earlier in the semester, I had the opportunity to collaborate with some of my incredibly talented and creative friends. It took me a while to find the almost underground artist network here at University of Delaware, because a lot of the most ingenious and creative individuals often like to stay under the radar; it has been a slow build over the years to finally meet and work with some of these people, but it has been worth the wait.

My involvement in the fashion publication, UDress Magazine, has been crucial to this creative development as it has introduced me to some of these faces. Or other times, I have been the one to bring them to UDress.


A few weeks ago, my friend Carmela reached out to me asking if I would be interested in modeling / co-creative directing for a photoshoot she was planning. She is a fashion design student, and I had done some modeling for her last year as well. Through an internship at a local boutique, she got a hold of some pieces, and wanted to showcase them in order to promote the store. We partnered with my friend Xander, and had a lot of fun creating these images !


Going back even further to last year, I worked again with Xander, also modeling. This time for my good friend Lauren’s custom painted vintage denim brand, Lagom Atelier. Another really fun shoot, I loved the styling of these jackets. I recently purchased one and it’s quickly become a staple !

These are just some of my creative experiences here – I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to share. I don’t take it too seriously, and modeling for me (and especially in this context) is just something I do casually and with a light heart .. but I will say it has been a journey of self-confidence and creative growth. There’s a certain amount of courage to play dress up – but as an adult and in public. And it’s hard work to translate a vision in your mind’s eye into a 2D representation, especially working with lighting and angles. But it’s all a process and I’m enjoying it !


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