This week, as I’ve mentioned a little before, was chock-full of sights to see and non-stop days. After our classes in the mornings, a group of us would usually walk around, sometimes with a destination, and other times just to explore. I’ve been walking over 15,000 steps regularly, and it’s (I think) the best way to see the city. When you’re in the Metro sometimes you go above ground and can pass the Seine and see some of the city, but it’s hard to really orient yourself.

I can’t say that I’ve really gone anywhere yet in depth this week – when I have gone somewhere it is usually just a quick peek around, and then we continue walking. But that’s perfectly ok, because it’s only been the first week! I have 3 more months to go inside some of these places and really discover them. For now I am satisfied with just locating them in the city and beginning to make a mental map of where I am.

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