Bright Skies

“Oooohhh, I want to go to Brighton!”

Whoever can name that quote first wins the prize! But, since we live in a world where we’re all winners, I’ll give you a hint 😉

Well, I got to go to Brighton, and what a lucky girl I am! My roommate and I decided to sacrifice our sleep one Saturday morning, getting up before first light, to hop on a train to the city by the sea (you can sleep when you’re dead .. or on the train, I guess) !


We arrived around 10:00, and for the first time in our whole trip, had nothing to do! It was luxurious. The sound of the clock ticking in ours ears was replaced by the distant crashing of the waves against the pebbles, and the hushhh as the stones rolled back into place. We wandered down the first main street, a long road starting at the top of a hill, letting the sight of the sun reflecting against the water be our guide down to shore.

It was amazing to see this bright, almost blinding, shimmering light in front of us! From the heart of the city, before we really got down to the base of the hill, it seemed like it didn’t really belong there, as if this glimmering and glistening water was out of place amongst the hardness and grime of the city.


We walked along the beach, marveling at the stoney replacement of the usual sand of the Jersey Shore. The sun was so bright, a warm welcome on a freezing day. And when it slipped away behind the clouds the whole world went into dark shadow..

ambling along the shoreline path .. dodging local joggers and dogs .. looking at the trinkets and seashell mobiles in the stores along the wall .. stopping for a photoshoot or two 😉


We decided to see if Brighton Pier was still open in the off-season, and turns out, it is! But truth be told, even though it was open, it was a bit deserted. The main building was filled with all sorts of video and slot-machine games, each with their horrid arcade music competing against one another. It was sort of the thing you would expect to see in a horror movie – where the incessant sound of the electronic music gets to your head, and the clowns’ smiles turn to sinister grins, and the deserted pier becomes the perfect location to get lost ..

Fortunately, that was not the case! The lonely pier was a little sad, and not the most exciting or happy experience, but the locals still flock there to spend their Saturday afternoon – young and old alike. There were also rides to go on, but they too were pretty empty (and frankly untrustworthy in their level of safety)


After the pier, we went shopping (and mostly window-shopping) along The Lanes, which is really just one street of high shopping. Beautiful storefronts were a nice contrast to the Pier, and it was good to know that Brighton is still alive and well. We made a stop for the obligatory fish and chips, and concluded that once is enough for that 🙂 The Regency is one of the oldest, most popular seafront restaurant in Brighton, and I’m glad I paid a visit.

Brighton, I hope you continue to shine bright; and I hope to catch you again!

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