Okay yes I’m alive! I realize I haven’t posted in a whole entire week, but I have a slew of posts coming up, so keep your eyes peeled!

Last week today my program officially started, and I moved into a hotel in Central London with 16 other students. Naturally chaos ensued as I unpacked (again) got situated in a new environment and location, and started my course – not leaving much time to sit down and gather my thoughts, much less to write about them.

I was watching a video by a motivational speaker the other day, and I thought I would share some of the advice he had. So often, he said, when someone asks us what we did on a vacation or a time abroad, our minds go blank and we just say the generic, ‘Oh well we saw the sights, we ate excellent food, went to this, went to that, saw friends and family, sunbathed, etc.’ All those experiences for YOU must have been wonderful and vibrant and impactful. But when we try to express our memories to others, it often comes across as cold and aloof – when really it’s the result of not ‘editing our experiences.’

We tend to let time run together. Even if someone asks me on Monday what I did during the weekend, I have a hard time pulling a specific action to the forefront of my mind. I am left with an overall fuzzy feeling of warmth and happiness and contentment, or sometimes conversely of dissatisfaction. But if we do it right, we can segment our activities in our mind into clear, memorable moments in time, so that when reminded of them, we can pick from the bunch and talk about them in detail and with eloquence.

So, why does this matter? As I sit down a week after experiencing some of these excursions, I find myself searching my thoughts and grasping for words to describe what I did. So this is a lesson for me to 1) not let myself get overwhelmed with the onslaught of memories and 2) try to take them one moment at a time so I can try to encode them in my mind.

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