The new year is upon us. It’s started already! Me, I was ready and waiting. I was already sprinting alongside the train of time, going at full speed – I was ready to jump on. Well, even if I land in first class, or a boxcar, I’ll take it. 2017 will being new adventures, new ideas, new people, new opportunities. 

I’ve always heard that the human race is spurred on by novelty. When we get stagnant, that’s when negativity and bad habits ferment. 

I’m not creating a list of resolutions this year, because as my yoga teacher told us this morning – we are reinventing and accomplishing new goals every. single. day. It’s not just one thing that you have to get done in exactly 365 days. But perhaps I can say that one of my consistent goals is to add more novelty to my life, to not say no to things just because they are unfamiliar to me. 

And just one more final thought on this new year – it’s not going to be perfect. No year is. It’s just time. And at the end of it, I’ll say thank you for the lessons I learned from it, and be ready to move on to the next. So I’ll try to rid myself of expectations this year, and just focus on what is. 

The pictures below are a testament to that! It took many tries, many failures, and the final success is not perfect. But we had fun. We made memories. And we rejoiced in the shared effort. So may 2017 bring peace, prosperity, and positivity – day by day. 

take 1
still tryin
900 years early?
let’s re-solve our problems, big or small

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