Welcome – so glad you’re here.


We’ll start with a little bit about me:

I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, and to me, it was an enchanted childhood. Days filled with tea parties, fairy houses, pillow forts, art shows, and endless bouts of laughter. My artist parents encouraged me to think outside the box and truly be myself.
I started dancing at the tender age of 3, and continued my classical ballet training up until high school. When I endured several injuries, I chose to stop dancing in order to protect my body. Happily, when one door closes, another opens.

I found yoga sometime during my high school career, or rather yoga found me. I truly believe that yoga is a power in and of itself, higher than us human beings can ever fully know. Yoga brought life and joy back into my life after dance, and opened so many doors to self-discovery. I completed my 200-hour Teacher Training in Summer 2016, and have been teaching regularly ever since.
In addition to being a teacher, I am also currently a student at university (although I happen to believe that we are all life-long students of the School of Life). My majors are Communications and French, and I couldn’t be happier studying the things I love learning.

I don’t remember the exact moment that I was bitten by the Wanderlust-bug, but I’ve have a serious case ever since. My urge to explore brought me to Marseille, France in 2014, where I spent a delightful two weeks with my ‘famille secondaire.’ January 2017 found me in London for a month, studying abroad and drinking copious amounts of tea.  I am grateful to have been able to pursue my knowledge of French language and culture in my semester study abroad to Paris in Autumn/Winter 2017. I don’t know where 2018 will take me, but I hope to travel often and travel well in the future, soaking up the cultures and experiences.

I have always had an interest in style and fashion, since I, as a toddler, would change outfits multiple times a day – even in the middle of the night! When I missed a dance class and had to go to a “make-up class,” I would ask my mother, puzzled, where the lipstick and eyeshadows were! To me, fashion is yet another outlet for self-expression and self-presentation. But it’s not always about what you look like – it’s about what you feel.

I feel my best when I am creating. Whether it be making jewelry, sewing books together, painting, curating new lookbooks, creating playlists, or experimenting with yoga flows, that is the true essence of me.
I find inspiration in everything around me – in yoga, in nature, in art, in fashion, in music, and most importantly, in the people I surround myself with. I hope you are inspired a little by what you find here, and that we can share our adventures of life together.
shanti shanti shanti

Rosalie xx